FAAC 400 Swing Gate Operator | All Security Equipment

The FAAC 400 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator, this is the work horse in any environment no matter how harsh, the 400 will not let you down.

When you are standing in front of your gate and it is -10F outside and you press the transmitter and the gate opens right up you will be saying it’s praises because it's probably December or January and you don’t have to get out to open the gate, so no matter where you are whether in Hawaii or Alaska, this operator won’t let you down.

  • CBAC 400 WILL HANDLE 1,300 LBS AT 16’
  • CBAC 400 EG WILL HANDLE 1,500 LBS AT 18’
  • SB 400 WILL HANDLE 1,600 LBS AT 18' *
  • SB 400 WILL HANDLE 1,800 LBS AT 20' *
* Recommended for areas with high winds. Will need to install magnetic locks to the gate.

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