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Let’s talk a little about the FAAC 400 CBAC. The original hydraulic swing gate actuator system…

This true and tried system is designed for gates up to 16 feet and 1300 lbs. 80 Cycles Per Hour. The standard for this operator is that it will do a complete open/close cycle of 90 degrees in about 17 seconds, thru wind, rain and snow. The safety features are amazing when you take into consideration the fact that it is hydraulic, it has limits that are set with positive stops and sustaining not only a hydraulic bypass but also an electronic sensors as well to avoid crushing or damaging someone or something. It has a hydraulic piston with a 10’ stroke, yet it can open a 16 foot gate up to 110 degrees and has a life expectancy of 1,000,000 strokes or 280 cycles for ten years.

The on-board positive stops are easily installed and adjusted, the 700i battery backup is uncomplicated and easy to install and set up. Another thing to consider is that the FAAC 400 CBAC Standard Single Basic Kit which includes the FAAC 400 CBAC Hydraulic swing gate operator, FAAC 455D Control Panel, and Pre-Wired 14" x 16" enclosure all you need to decide on is whether you need 115V or 230V. Upgrading to a larger metal enclosure is inexpensive and readily available. It now comes with a 2 year warranty, so next time you need a linear swing gate operator system, give this old boy a try… there is a reason why it has outlived the competition for so many years!

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