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When it comes to hi-end technology, manual locking systems are now considered barbaric. Automated locking mechanisms are taking over the traditional locks because of the better security they offer. The systems are usually offered with different access controls which generally include either a card type system, key code or transmitter type system.

There are various reasons why people prefer electronic systems over the manual ones, and few of them are mentioned below:

  • It eradicates the hassles of carrying metal keys.
  • While manual keys are easy to duplicate, the electronic keys are unique and programmed
  • If manual keys are lost, you will have to change the lock but in case of electronic system that problem does not arise as you can simply change the access control settings
  • If you own a business facility which has multiple access points then one electronic key can be used for every lock in the establishment.
  • Electronic locks are made from robust metal which makes it hard to break-in.
  • Electronic systems are much easier to maintain and repair.
Typically, there are two kinds of electronic locks, electronic latch locking systems and magnetic locking systems. Both of the locking systems work on electricity but with a difference in the principle of how they function. Electronic latching systems use electricity to open and close a latch just like an ordinary latch but instead of manually doing it, it can be done with the press of a button. But in a Magnetic locking system, the electricity is used to charge set of magnets making it a single electromagnet which sticks together and forms a robust hold of the door. A 600 Lb Maglock for example can withstand a holding force of 600 lbs.

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