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When it comes to your commercial space, you want to ensure that you know everyone who comes in. One of the best ways to ensure that is to have a reliable and secure magnetic lock system on your doors.

Electromagnetic locks, or mag locks, are one of the most reliable lock options, desired for the security they bring to your space. Not only are they simple to use, but they’re also simple to install and highly effective.

Using electromagnetic locks for doors is a great solution for commercial spaces for several reasons. Find out why electromagnetic locks are the best way to keep your space secure and discover what your options are.

What is an Electromagnetic Lock for Doors?

Electromagnetic locks, also referred to as mag locks, keep an entrance or exit secure using power.

The two main components of electromagnetic door locks are the armature plate and coil assembly. They both become magnetized when an electric current runs through them. This is what electronically secures the door, controlling when it’s locked and unlocked. Typically, the more coils that the electromagnetic lock has, the stronger the holding force.

The amount of force generated by the magnetic flux is so strong, it will keep the door locked even under stress. Electromagnetic locks are also failsafe, meaning that in the event of an outage, the locking device on your door will automatically unlock.

You can use electromagnetic locks to:

  • Secure an exit
  • Control two-way access
  • Building occupancy control

The appearance of electromagnetic doors is less obtrusive than other types of conventional door locks and can be compatible with several types of doors and access control systems. This also makes installation quite simple. Let’s take a look at how to install an electromagnetic lock for doors.

How to Install an Electromagnetic Lock

Electromagnetic locks for doors are easier to install than other types of conventional locks because they require less intrusive and labor-intensive work. When it comes to preparing your doors for installation, all you have to do is drill holes into the frames.

However, you may need a permit to install electromagnetic doors in your residential or commercial space, so be sure to review the requirements of your local municipality.

The electromagnet part of the lock (coil) mounts to the door frame and gets wired to a power supply. The armature plate mounts onto the door. You need to ensure that you have a reliable power source since the effectiveness of these locks depends on power.

What are the Best Electromagnetic Locks for Doors?

One of the best parts about electromagnetic locks for doors is that they are relatively inexpensive, as long as you don’t need a building permit (which could cost thousands).

When it comes to choosing electromagnetic locks for doors, there are a variety of options out there. It’s important to choose the right one that is compatible with your door in order to ensure optimal security in your space.

Here are some of the best electromagnetic locks for doors to consider over traditional locks, in order to improve your security.

Model H300C Mortise Mount Single Door Magnetic Lock

model h300c mortise mount single door magnetic lock isolated on white background

If you’re looking for a strong electromagnetic lock that’s affordable, this Mortise Mount Single Door Magnetic Lock is a great option that attaches to most doors.

With the ability to withhold 300 pounds of force from a single door, this lock has easy wiring beneath the cover for different wiring configurations.

Everything you need for electromagnetic door lock installation is included, including the armature plates and mounting hardware. Don’t worry if you need some guidance - this lock comes with very clear instructions in a manual.

This electromagnetic lock does not come with a power supply, but you can purchase one as well.

ASE Model 1300GF Single Door Flush Mount Magnetic Lock

ase model 1300gf single door flush mount magnetic lock

This ASE Model 1300GF Single Door electromagnetic lock is simple, but it comes with everything you need to install the electromagnetic lock on your door.

Featuring monitoring and able to withstand doors up to 1300 pounds, the best part about this electromagnetic lock is that its weather resistance. It’s able to withstand the elements so you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion.

This electromagnetic lock is also lightweight, weighing in at only 15 pounds, making it easier to install than other versions.

Surface Mount UL Listed Double Door Magnetic Lock

surface mount ul listed double door magnetic lock isolated on white background

This electromagnetic lock for doors is great if you need a lock for double doors up to a whopping 1200 pounds per door, for a total of 2400 pounds. It works for almost every type of door, making it one of the most versatile options you can choose from.

The key features of this lock include monitoring, delay, LED, lock sensors, and spike suppressors. This electromagnetic lock UL listed and CE approved.

This durable electromagnetic lock for doors is corrosion-resistant because of its waterproof function. It’s also resistant to wind pressure, and it’s low noise so as to not cause too much of a disruption. Just make sure that you purchase the right power supply to ensure ready to go.

Final Thoughts

Electromagnetic locks for doors are one the best ways to secure a space. The lock's electromagnetic force is strong enough to remain in place when you need it, and the fail-safe design ensures that you won’t get stuck in any unfortunate situations.

Make sure that you understand the door you’ll be installing your electromagnetic lock to in order to make sure that it’s compatible with your door.

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