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Many homeowners are beginning to see the benefit of installing an electric gate, and it is easy to see why. Electric driveway gates provide additional convenience and security. They also look great and increase your curb appeal, which can enhance the value of your property.

An automatic driveway gate can be durable, provided it is properly cared for and serviced using a recommended schedule.

What Types of Electric Gate for Driveways Are There?

There are various types and styles of electric security gates to select from. You can select from a range of infill patterns, designs, and colors. Aluminum has become the material of choice for electric gates due to its comparative lightness and strength. This means they are cheaper to install and operate, require a less powerful motor, and put less strain on the gate hardware.

There are also various gate design possibilities: simple to elaborate and classic to contemporary. When selecting an electric gate, you need to take a bit of time to conduct some research. Alternatively, you can select from bespoke options that meet your needs.

Slide Gate or Swing Gate?

When choosing between a slide gate or a swing gate, you need to consider a couple of factors, such as your driveway layout and available space.

Swing gates are best suited for narrow driveways and can be much quieter than slide gates.

Swing gates can only be installed on properties with enough space to swing into safely. When swing gates swing outwards, they mustn't swing open onto public land. Nevertheless, strong winds can also affect swing gates, making them unsuitable for areas where the driveway is exposed.

Since sliding gates do not open onto the driveway, this eliminates the need for swinging space. Nevertheless, sliding gates require space that is longer than the gate. This space has to be parallel to the driveway entrance.

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A slide gate operator like the LiftMaster ½ HP AC High Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Operator is great for commercial or high traffic residential properties.

Swing gates can also be inappropriate for driveways that slope upward onto the property since opening the gates could ground into the rising drive.

What Is the Best Electric Gate for Driveway System?

Choosing the best automated gates for your property means selecting one that meets your specific requirements. It also should be long-lasting and cost-effective. Before deciding, you need to understand what to look for when selecting an electric driveway gate and what they are required to do.

Automatic driveway gates typically consist of the following elements:

  1. Remote controls for closing and opening the gates
  2. Safety photocells
  3. A control system
  4. Hydraulic or electromechanical motors that move each gate leaf

Electric driveway gates can also come with a few of the extras below:

  1. Safety edges that detect contact with objects when the gates open and close
  2. Warning lights that show the gate is in operation
  3. A manual override in case the automation process breaks down
  4. Access control systems such as keypads, intercoms, audio or video communication, proximity readers and more.
  5. An embedded loop cable system that detects passing cars and operates the electric gate.

 You can select from a plethora of electric driveway gates to select from at All Security Equipment. If you are interested in swing gates, check out this LiftMaster LA400PKGUL Dual Swing Gate Opener.

Automatic driveway gates come in a range of materials. Iron and wood were the two most common materials used in the past. While innovation has introduced aluminum gates, wood and iron are still popular, especially in stately homes and period properties.

Aluminum Gates

Aluminum gates are extremely popular for new electric driveway gates installations. With swing gates made from aluminum, the motor has less wear and tear on it. Furthermore, the fittings are lighter when compared to iron or wood gates. This makes them a lot cheaper to operate.

Advances in the design and manufacturing processes of aluminum gates mean that they look quite similar to the alternatives. Aluminum electric driveway gates also come with a vast array of finishes and styles. For instance, you can purchase aluminum gates with wood-effect finishes that look like wooden gates while providing a rot-free alternative.

Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates can be quite beautiful. These gates are typically built to order by experienced craftsmen, with highly detailed and ornate designs. Wrought iron gates are typically automated after installation when property owners do not want to replace them.

Nevertheless, there are a few challenges to having a wrought iron gate as an electric gate for the driveway.

For one, they will need to be properly cleaned and maintained to ensure the gates look their best at all times. These gates can also be quite heavy, so a powerful motor is required to ensure the gates operate efficiently and safely.

With iron gates, you should never cut corners with getting the right automatic gate openers, as the additional wear might require them to be replaced a lot sooner.

Wooden Gates

Wood gates have been used for years due to their solidity and sturdiness. They also have a great aesthetic appeal, making them a top choice. When properly cared for, wood gates can be long-lasting and hard-wearing.

They do, however, have so disadvantages when it comes to automation. One such disadvantage is their weight. Wood gates can become heavy during wet weather as they absorb water.

To automate a wooden gate, you must attach a motor powerful enough to move it. You also need to consider the maintenance required with this type of electric driveway gate.

Even with varnishing and staining, the surface coating will eventually flake or blister, allowing water into the wood. This will cause the wood to crack and slowly rot.

Electric Gates for Driveways

Electric driveway gates are quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners. They offer a great combination of convenience and increased security, in addition to improving your home's curb appeal and potentially increasing the value of your property. Moreover, this is an investment that is sure to be enjoyed by the entire family for years to come. If you have any questions or would like more information on electric gates, simply contact us today! We’d love to help you get started on creating a safe and secure environment for your family.

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