Question: Brandon wrote to us inquiring about the following… I am considering purchasing an Apollo electric gate opener. Can you explain to me the difference between the 1500 and the 1550ETL?

Answer: Well Brandon, the Apollo 1500 is a solar compatible swing gate operator for gates of up to 16 ft. and 600 lbs. and includes a built in receiver, with 4 types of inputs (open, safety, shadow and fire), adjustable auto reverse sensitivity, timer to close and available 3 button manual station for commercial applications. This 12VDC gate opener is suitable for commercial and moderate duty applications and comes with a manufacturers two year factory warranty. The Apollo 1550ETL is also a solar compatible swing gate operator for swing gates up to 16 ft. and 600 lbs. but here the advanced circuit board offers you the soft start/stop feature and UL325 Compliance with a sturdier corrosion resistant housing and a full manufacturers two year warranty. So keep those question rolling in and I will try to keep you informed of all the latest, greatest technology. Have questions regarding our products?

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