As an Apollo gate opener specialist you can rest assured that we've got you covered when you need to replace a part on your Apollo gate opener installation. Besides our great prices, we offer a wide variety of genuine Apollo replacement arms and circuit boards (also known as circuit boards) to choose from. 

Apollo Replacement Arms If you need to replace your Apollo arm, look no further as we carry both master and slave replacement arms for models: Apollo 1500, Apollo 1550, Apollo 1600 and Apollo 1650. Browse our selection of Apollo replacement arms and get your operator running smoothly again. 

Apollo Circuit Boards If it's an Apollo Circuit board you're looking for we stock Apollo replacement circuit boards including the Apollo 836 circuit board (for the Apollo 1650-ETL gate opener), the Apollo 835 circuit board (for the Apollo 1550-ETL gate opener), the Apollo 636 circuit board (for the Apollo 1600 gate opener) and the Apollo 635 circuit Board (for the Apollo 1500 gate opener) Find the Apollo circuit board you need for your operator.

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