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Methods of security have changed over time. With the introduction of advanced technology in the field of security, the measures of keeping a property secure has reached an eminent height. Advancements to the automatic locking mechanism has resulted in better forms of safety. Initially, we used to protect our homes or offices with manual locks or bolt locks etc. but times have changed and new access control systems are becoming more popular.

An access control is a setup which can be installed at any home or office to restrict or grant access. Access control includes a set of gadgets which replace traditional locks with automatic robust locks which can only be opened with a transmitter (usually a remote), a key code or a card. Included is a receiver which is kept inside the property and can be called the CPU of the mechanism. The locks are replaced with the automatic ones which only opens when the receiver transmits the signal to do so. The signal from the access remote or key code is transmitted to the receiver which further sends the command to the lock for the opening or closing of the lock. These systems are wireless generally, but there are certain kits which are also available with wired connections. The wired kits are cheaper than that of wireless ones and the access type is optional which comes in the following ways:

Key code system

This type of system offers the access of the gate/door by punching a combination of keys (generally numbers). With this type of access control, a keypad is installed at the front door on which the code needs to be punched in order to gain access.

Transmitter (remote control) system

This type of access is granted through a transmitter or a remote. The remote sends radio waves of the unique frequency which triggers the lock open. Act 21A 1 Remote Control is an appropriate example which can be used as a keychain as well.

Swipe Card system

In this category, everything remains the same but instead of a keypad or a remote, the access is granted by swiping a card in a slot which is installed at front porch. The card has a magnetic strip with a unique code which opens the door.

The access control system offers an assured security system and it also saves the hassle of hiring a permanent staff for security. It also eradicates the use of heavy keys and the worries of losing it along with it.

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