Linear Estate Wireless Intercom/Keypad | LIN-F6110MBC

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Linear Estate Wireless Intercom/Keypad | LIN-F6110MBC

The Linear Wireless Intercom / Keypad F6100MBC is a versatile intercom system that allows for clear communication between an outsider requesting entrance to the property, and a person inside of the property. Also enables you to grant access to your property by instructing the visitor to press a button on the keypad at the gate.

Ext Metal Keypad For Linear Pro Intercom (Not Compatible With F3100Mbc System)

  • Keypad F6110MBC
  • Keypad Cover
  • Jumper (required for hard-wired installation)
  • Keypad Battery Cover
  • Base Unit F3101MBC
  • Base Unit Rechargeable Battery
  • Transformer
  • Screws for mounting Keypad Cover
How it Works

A visitor without an entry code presses the CALL button on the keypad. The base (indoor) unit and the keypad will ring. A user at the base (indoor) unit answers the call by pressing the PUSH TO ANSWER/TALK button. The user at the base unit then presses the GRANT PERMISSION button to allow the visitor to operate the gate. The keypad’s GRANTED light comes on, indicating that the visitor can now push any number key on the keypad to open the gate.

Visitors with access codes simply use their code to operate the gate. Temporary codes can be programmed to expire within a set number of days.

  • The keypad illuminates and beeps at the press of any key. At night, the keypad will illuminate when the proximity sensors detect motion near the keypad face.
  • When a valid code is entered, the STATUS light will blink rapidly, the keypad will beep three times, and the GRANTED light turns green.
  • The keypad remains active for 40 seconds after entering a valid code: pressing any key on the keypad while the gate is in motion will stop the gate; pressing any key while the gate is stopped will cause the gate to reverse direction. After 40 seconds, the keypad will beep 3 three times and go into “idle” mode, and the GRANTED light will turn off.
  • If more than 20 key presses are entered without matching an Entry Code, the STATUS light will flash rapidly, an error tone will sound for 1 second, and the keypad will go into “lock-down” mode for 40 seconds.
  • If more than 10 seconds elapse between key presses, the keypad will beep 3 three times and go into “idle” mode.
Master and Entry Codes
  • Up to 100 Entry Codes may be programmed into the keypad.
  • Temporary Entry Codes can be programmed to expire within one to seven (1–7) days.
  • Entry Codes remain stored in memory even when the keypad batteries go dead.
  • All Entry Codes are deleted by pressing the RESET button on the keypad; Master Code defaults to “1234.”
Technical Specifications
  • Frequency: 318 MHz from keypad to gate opener / 915 MHz from keypad to base station
  • Memory: Keypad Stores up to 100 four-digit entry codes
  • Power Consumption: Keypad 60 mA when relay is closed
  • Power Supply: Keypad Four C batteries (plus 8-24V DC/AC for hard-wired installations)
  • Power Supply: Base Unit 9 Vdc 300 mA transformer; 3.6V Ni-MH 800 mA rechargeable battery pack
  • Range from Keypad to Base Unit: 500’ wireless
  • Range from Keypad to Gate Opener: 50’ wireless 100’ wired using 16 AWG wire
  • Relay Output: Keypad Momentary, normally open dry contact closes for 2 seconds upon activation
  • Relay Output Rating: Keypad 12 or 24 Vdc 100 mA
  • Wiring: Keypad Power & Relay Output 16 AWG stranded low voltage direct burial wire
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