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Multicom Lite For 100 Apartments With Prox Reader MULTILITEPROX4G

The Multicom Lite Intercom is designed for widespread use by up to 100 different families/apartments. This highly advanced Intercom system allows for the programming of 100 door codes (1 per family) plus 50 visitor codes. Keypad codes can be easily programmed via APP, or PC link (USB). Registered users are easily identifiable using name window (holds up to 30 families). Families can also be contacted by dialing on keypad, using up to 3 phone numbers per family. The Multicom Lite is capable of pedestal mounting, allowing for easy access at any desired location. This model comes equipped with a built-in prox reader that is programmable through the free Multicom app.

  • 30 family using fixed name directory or up to 100 family by direct dialing address from keypad.
  • Free App for remote programming.
  • Built in prox reader aslo programmable by app.
  • Up to 30 families, using name window, or 100 families using dialing on keypad, 3 phone numbers per family
  • Calls out to 3 phone numbers per family
  • 1 door code per family, plus 50 visitor codes
  • 4G ready, programmable by new IOS or Android App
  • Pedestal Mountable
  • Built in prox reader also programmable by app.
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 2 Years
  • Families: 30/100
  • Directory Type: Fixed illuminated window
  • Resident Pin Codes: 100
  • Visitor Pin Codes (24/7): 50
  • Time zone codes: 20
  • Temporary codes: 20
  • Time clock opening: Yes
  • Caller ID visitors: 20
  • Time zone caller ID: 20
  • Temporary caller ID: 20
  • Resident Prox cards: 300 (3 per family)
  • Visitor Prox cards: 50
  • Time zone Prox cards: 20
  • Temporary Prox cards: 20
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