LiftMaster LA500DC Single Arm XL Control Box Solar Kit | LIF-LA500XL20W

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LiftMaster LA500DC Single Arm XL Control Box Solar Kit | LIF-LA500XL20W

*This item qualifies for a 26% solar tax credit after purchase.*

This LA500XL20W Kit with upgraded XLSOLARCONTUL Control Box enables users to utilize larger batteries for extended usage WHILE REAPING THE BENEFITS OF LiftMaster’s Newest MyQ Technology!

MyQ® TECHNOLOGY: Allows You to Securely Monitor and Control Your Gate Operator from Anywhere with the myQ App.

  • Primary Arm LA500DC
  • 210W Solar Panel Kit (Two 10 Watt Solar Panels / Total 20 Watts)
  • Solar Harness
  • Monitored Retro Reflective Photo Eye LMRRUL
  • Large Control Box XLSOLARCONTUL (Dimensions: 21” x 17.22” x 6.19”)
  • Two 33AH Batteries with Tray
  • Two FREE Remotes with Visor Clip F(transmitter/remote picture is for demonstration purpose only, compatible remote model will be shipped depending on availability)
  • LED Diagnostic Display: Simplifies installation and troubleshooting.
  • Solar-Ready Ultra-Reliable System: Simple solar conversion delivers power when you need it most and is extremely power efficient at all other times to maximize solar performance.
  • Programmable Auxiliary Relays: Easily add additional features, such as warning lights/alarms.
  • Bi-Part Delay: Monitors and adjusts speed and position of each wing to ensure the primary gate closes last.
  • Synchronized Close: Simultaneously closes gates.
  • Pre-Motion Warning Alarm: Activates onboard alarm three seconds prior to gate motion.
  • Anti-Tailgate: Prevents unauthorized access. Gate will pause when closing as vehicle pulls onto interrupt loop or breaks photo beam. Once the vehicle backs up, the gate will continue to close.
  • Homelink® Compatible: Version 4 and higher.
  • Security+ 2.0® On-Board Radio Receiver: Up to 50 remote controls (unlimited with 811LM/813LM).
LiftMaster LA500PKGUL Solar Chart: LiftMaster LA500PKGUL Solar Chart
  • *Warning: The capacities stated by the manufacturer are calculated without a wind factor. Depending on the force of the wind and the gate design, your gate operator capabilities can be drastically affected up to the point of causing irreversible damage. If you know your location is subject to regular windy conditions, we highly recommend using a pad mount operator such as the CSW24UL. If you are unsure about which operator to choose in regards to your weather conditions, please give us a call at 1-800-730-8382 to speak to one of our sales advisors. Damages caused by wind are not covered under warranty.
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