LiftMaster 24VDC High Traffic Commercial Swing Operator | LIF-CSW24UL

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LiftMaster 24VDC High Traffic Commercial Swing Operator | LIF-CSW24UL

PLEASE NOTE: This is LiftMaster’s most recent version of this model (previously CSW24U) which is now UL325 Compliant. To be UL325 Compliant it is mandatory for each swing gate opener/motor/operator to have at least one functioning SAFETY DEVICE. Therefore LiftMaster’s new control board and improved photo eye sensor (Model LMRRUL) are included (with protective hoods) at no additional cost.

  • Monitored Retroreflective Photo Eye (LMRRUL) Enhanced retro-reflective photo eye now with heater and wider beam, engineered to stay aligned; max. range: 50 ft.
  • Two FREE Remotes with Visor Clip (transmitter/remote picture is for demonstration purpose only, compatible remote model will be shipped depending on availability)
    • Battery backup provides seamless access by providing standby power when the power is down.
    • Smooth start/stop operation and mid-travel reversal extend Operator hardware life.
    • Surge suppression provides industrial surge and lightning protection against strikes up to 50 feet away.
    • The heavy-duty commercial gear-driven transmission provides unsurpassed reliability.
    • Warranty: 5 years commercial, 7 years residential.
    LiftMaster Feature Gate Remote


    • MyQ® Technology enables you to securely control and monitor your gate operator from anywhere.*
    • Wireless dual-gate communication synchronizes gate opening/closing and eliminates expensive driveway trenching costs.
    • Synchronized close simultaneously closes gates.
    LiftMaster Feature Access Connectivity


    • Security+ 2.0® Safeguards access with an encrypted tri-band signal to virtually eliminate interference and offer extended range.
    • Emergency disconnect: simple-to-use release handle allows the gate to be operated manually and maintain limit position once reengaged.
    • Fire department compliance allows the gate to auto-open upon loss of ac power or battery depletion.
    • Quick close and anti-tailgate quickly secure property, preventing unauthorized access.
    • UL® listed gate operators with monitored safety entrapment protection devices.
    LiftMaster CSW24UL Swing Gate Operator Capacities
    Manufacturer's Warranty
    • Operator Warranty: 7 Years Residential, 5 Years Commercial
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