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The LiftMaster LA500PKGUL is a dual swing-gate opening system with everything you need to get started. It features durable, reliable construction that is rated for large gates and commercial use.

Performance Specs

  • POWER - Full-time AC-run operation 120V/230V Single Phase
  • ACCESSORY POWER - 24VDC 500mA output. Switched and unswitched power
  • MONITORED SAFETY INPUTS - 3 Main Board, 3 Expansion Board
  • TEMPERATURE SPECIFICATIONS - -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)
  • GATE TRAVEL SPEED - 90-degree opening in 15-17 seconds

Construction Specs

  • P3 MOTOR® - 24VDC continuous-duty motor
  • OPERATOR WEIGHT - Actuator arm 35 lbs. Standard control box 13 lbs. Includes (2) 7Ah batteries
  • CHASSIS - Commercial-duty aluminum die-cast housing
  • WORM GEAR REDUCTION - Precision-machined all-metal gear in contained lubrication housing

Product Description

The LiftMaster LA500PKGUL is a dual swing-gate opener with a wealth of impressive features. This package includes everything you need to get set-up – including a primary & secondary arm, a battery backup, a photo eye, and two FREE remotes with visor clip (transmitter/remote picture is for demonstration purpose only, compatible remote model will be shipped depending on availability).

These dual-swing gate openers have a surprising amount of functionality and customization options, including:

  • Open/Close Customization: Gate openers can be adjusted to close gates simultaneously, or to ensure that the primary gate closes last.
  • Warning Alarm: Gate can sound a “warning alarm” three seconds prior to opening, to ensure vehicles can stay back.
  • Anti-Tailgate: The anti-tailgate feature closes the gate quickly so that no unauthorized vehicles can follow. Only authorized access.
  • Security +2.0 Radio Receiver: The built in Security +2.0 Receiver encrypts signals to eliminate interference and also extend signal range. It’s compatible with up to 50 remote controls.
  • Photo Eye with Safety Reversing: Photo eye detects obstructions to reverse the gate’s course to be sure that the gate doesn’t close on vehicles or people.
  • App Integration: The gate features full integration with LiftMaster’s “MyQ” App for remote control of your gate from anywhere.

Overall, this gate opener is built well and built to last. It is made with aluminum die-cast housing and can handle larger gates - rated for gates up to 18 ft. long or weighing up to 1,600 lbs. It can comfortably handle 300 cycles per day. The battery backup can provide up to 500 cycles or 24 days standby power if it’s needed.

  • *Warning: The capacities stated by the manufacturer are calculated without a wind factor. Depending on the force of the wind and the gate design, your gate operator capabilities can be drastically affected up to the point of causing irreversible damage. If you know your location is subject to regular windy conditions, we highly recommend using a pad mount operator such as the CSW24UL. If you are unsure about which operator to choose in regards to your weather conditions, please give us a call at 1-800-730-8382 to speak to one of our sales advisors. Damages caused by wind are not covered under warranty.

LiftMaster LA500PKGUL Swing Gate Operator Capacity

LiftMaster LA500PKGUL Swing Gate Operator Unboxing Video
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