Vaultek RS800 Full Width Shelf | RS800-SF-A

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Vaultek RS800 Full Width Shelf | RS800-SF-A

Introducing the Vaultek RS800 Full Width Shelf RS800-SF-A, a versatile and practical accessory designed to optimize the storage and organization capabilities of your Vaultek RS800 Series safe. This full-width shelf is engineered to provide a convenient solution for maximizing the interior space of your RS800 safe, allowing you to keep your valuables organized and easily accessible.

  • The full-width shelf for the RS800i can hold up to 3 accessory modules. Modules not included.
  • Mix and match modules, the full-width shelf allows you to purchase compatible magazine racks and pistol racks for a custom setup.
  • Shelf Dimensions: 13" Wide x 11" Deep
  • Max Load: 32lbs.

Elevate your organization and storage capabilities with the Vaultek RS800 Full Width Shelf RS800-SF-A and enjoy the convenience of having your valuables neatly arranged and readily accessible within your RS800 Series safe. Trust in Vaultek's commitment to quality and innovation to provide you with a secure and organized solution for your valuable items. Upgrade your RS800 safe today and experience enhanced peace of mind.

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