Vaultek RS800 Pistol Accessory Bundle | RS800-PMX

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Vaultek RS800 Pistol Accessory Bundle | RS800-PMX

Introducing the Vaultek RS800 Pistol Accessory Bundle RS800-PMX, a comprehensive and convenient package designed to enhance the functionality and security of your Vaultek RS800 Series safe. This bundle is expertly curated to provide the ultimate solution for organizing and securing your pistols and accessories.

  • Customized Pistol Storage: The RS800-PMX Bundle includes specialized pistol racks and holsters that are designed to fit perfectly within your Vaultek RS800 Series safe, allowing you to safely and securely store your handguns.
  • Ammo and Magazine Storage: Keep your ammunition and magazines neatly organized with the included magazine holders, ensuring quick and easy access when needed.
  • Accessory Shelf: The bundle features an accessory shelf that provides extra storage space for items like cleaning kits, ear protection, or other firearm-related accessories.
  • Quick Access: With the RS800-PMX Bundle, your pistols and accessories are readily accessible, allowing you to respond quickly to any situation.
  • Durable Construction: All components of this bundle are built from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability, providing reliable protection for your firearms.
  • Enhanced Security: Keep your pistols and accessories secured and organized, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or damage.
  • Full-Width Shelf
  • (2) Twin Pistol Racks
  • (2) 6-Slot Magazine Racks

Pistol Max Accessory Bundle. A full-width shelf can fit up to (3) drop-in modules. Designed to use the (1) Twin Pistol Rack that's already inlcuded with the RS800i, this bundle provides (2) additional Twin Pistol Racks allowing for storage of up to 6 full size pistols on the full-width shelf. Also included are (2) 6-slot magazine racks to store spare mags.

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