USAutomatic Patriot RSL Slide Gate Opener Kit | USA-020430

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USAutomatic Patriot RSL Slide Gate Opener Kit | USA-020430

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USAutomatic Patriot RSL Solar Charged Slide Gate Opener Kit with Radio Controls 020430 up to 32 feet in Travel Distance and 650 lbs.

Ideal for the installation requiring solar charging or full system operation during AC power outages. The Patriot RSL is the most efficient slide gate operator in the industry.

Pad or Post mount installation option is a standard, simple, and convenient manual release knob with easy-to-adjust limit switches.

Utilizing the Patriot control board and new PEPM software for photo eye power management allows any photo eye to be installed on all USAutomatic operators without needing additional solar panels.

Note: Battery Required for Operation (Battery not included)

  • 2 sets of photo eyes 550011
  • 2 safety signs 601025
  • 1 wireless receiver 030205
  • 1 antenna 030208
  • 2 wireless two-button remotes 030210
  • 1 charge controller 520006
  • 1 10-watt solar panel 520026
  • 1 entrapment siren 530010
  • 1 emergency release access cover 590030
  • 1 charge control harness 630100
  • Solar or AC charged with solar-friendly smart controller
  • Independent Gate 1 and Gate 2 sensitivity adjustments
  • Built-in timer to close
  • Designed to operate with all types of solar-friendly accessories without adding solar panels
  • For residential, light commercial, farm, and ranch use
  • Soft stop selectable for swing or slide gate operator
  • Pad or post-mount installation
  • 5-year warranty on control board / 3-year warranty on all other components
  • Easy manual release
  • Pre-wired solar-friendly LCR dual channel receiver
  • Battery powered providing real battery backup and not just 1 cycle
  • Photo Eye Power Management (PEPM) solar-friendly software
  • Heavy-duty ABS molded cover
  • Thompson gear motor with brake
Technical Specifications
  • Power Input: Solar charged
  • Maximum Gate Length: 32 feet
  • Maximum Gate Weight: 600 pounds
Recommended Battery Type

Battery 12-volt, Group U-1; sealed (maintenance free); 30 amp-hour minimum. This type of battery is commonly known as a lawn tractor or wheelchair battery. You can easily find them at stores like Walmart, Sam's Club, etc.

Using a smaller amp-hour battery may cause damage to the charging system. The wiring harness has two 1/4” ring terminals to connect to battery posts.

If the installation is located in an area that has frequent power outages (AC-charged systems) or might experience weeks of no sunshine, then a larger amp-hour battery needs to be considered. A 70 amp hour battery minimum would be recommended for those locations.

Caution!!! Do not install a wet cell battery into the control box; this type of battery usually has removable caps used for service and will vent into the control box.

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