SysParc Express Parking Exit Pay Station (Model XP-2020) | SYS-XP2020

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SysParc Express Parking Exit Pay Station (Model XP-2020) | SYS-XP2020

The SysParc Model XP-2020 Express Exit Pay Station is a revenue control device that provides for rapid and accurate collection of the parking fee due upon exit from the parking facility. The parking fee is satisfied through the use of the parking patron’s credit card and is accomplished without the need for an attendant or cashier. Upon completion of the credit card transaction within the lane, a "vend" signal is generated by this device, which causes a lift-arm barrier gate to activate, and allow egress from the facility.

  • Multiple Operational Use as a Standard Exit Verifier, with Credit Card, and Optional Note Acceptor
  • Completely unattended operation
  • Safe, 24VDC low voltage operation
  • Optional internal batteries allow for operation during power interruptions
  • Rust-resistant zinc plated steel construction
  • Built-In thermostatically controlled heater
  • Large back-lit LCD
  • displays Date & Time, Fee Due, & optional programmable message(s)
  • Optional (recommended) Intercom
  • On-Line or Off-Line Operation
  • Accepts 4 or 7 mil thick tickets, from TD-6030 Ticket Machines
  • PCI Compliant
  • Inserting the barcode ticket into the device’s barcode scanner transport mechanism activates the XP-2020 Express Exit Pay Station. This is the ticket that was issued to the parking patron upon entry into the facility.
  • The Model XP-2020 Express Exit Pay Station reads the barcode ticket, then calculates and displays the parking fee due to the parking patron. It then instructs the patron to insert their credit card to satisfy the fee due.
  • After correctly inserting and removing their magnetically encoded credit card within the XP-2020, the Express Exit Pay Station will produce a detailed paper receipt for the patron, and signal the lift-arm barrier gate to raise, allowing the patron egress from the facility.
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions: 15" wide, by 20" deep, by 45" in height
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Electrical Power Requirements: 115VAC at 60Hz, or 220VAC at 50Hz
  • Construction: Heavy-duty rolled steel (which is zinc plated for rust inhibition, and then powder coated with sealing rust-resistant paint)
  • Standard Color: White (but the device may be ordered with special paint colors)
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