SysParc Barcode Exit Pass Verifier | SYS-EXP-1010

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SysParc Barcode Exit Pass Verifier | SYS-EXP-1010

EXP-1010 provides a powerful, economical and simple solution for access control for any “in and out privilege” or one-time usage exit pass. The SysParc Model EXP-1010 offline or online Exit Pass verifier is also part of the revenue control devices that read and decoded a barcode pass card. Based on the information decoded in the pass card the unit can grant access to a facility based on the time and date and also the number of usage. The EXP1010 can easily interface and read the barcode pass cards printed by PS-2020 (Automatic Pay Station).

This unit is programmable, allowing the end user to set: the time, date, and the number of usage for any bar code type pass card presented to it. EXP1010 can also read the bar code issued by: Merchant Validation printer, or pre-printed pass cards issued for the in and out privilege.

  • Back lighted LCD for monitoring and programming time, date, and expiration period
  • Low voltage operation
  • Equipped with dry contact vend relay for the opening of the gate/ door
  • Easy to program
  • Easy front access ticket validating
  • LED lighted front and feed slot
  • Insertion type operation
  • The SysParc Model EXP-2010 Bar code Merchant Validation Printer is designed to read a machine-readable validation code printed on the patron’s entry ticket or the pass card.
  • The SysParc EXP-1010 is activated by the insertion of the patron’s thermal stock entry ticket into the face reader.
  • The exit pass verifier grants one access or exit pass each time it reads a valid pass card.
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions: 5.0" wide x 3.2" deep x 7.5’" height
  • Power: 24VDC
  • Make: Heavy-duty aluminum housing
  • Standard Color: Charcoal Gray
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