SecuraKey Single-door Mullion Style Smart Reader | SKY-RKDT-SR-M


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SecuraKey Single-door Mullion Style Smart Reader | SKY-RKDT-SR-M

The RKDT-SR reader connects to the NOVA.16 Controller via the RS-485 peripheral bus, which supports up to 16 readers. The RKDT-SR obtains data communications and 12VDC power from the NOVA.16, but it has all the inputs and outputs required to monitor and control a door or gate. The reader sends card data and input status changes to the Controller, and receives access granted, access denied, and output control commands from the Controller. All door connections (Strike/Latch, REX, Door Monitor, aux inputs, and outputs) are made locally at the Smart Reader. Cable “Home Runs” from the door location back to the NOVA.16 Controller are not required.

The RKDT-SR-S has a switchplate configuration that fits a standard J-box. It includes a convenient wiring harness, which allows the reader to be plugged in when the installation is completed.

The RKDT-SR-M has a mullion-mount housing that fits a standard door frame. It includes a convenient wiring harness, which allows the reader to be plugged in when the installation is completed.

Both models have a solid-state relay, plus four inputs and two open collector logic outputs, allowing access control without panels or additional hardware. Both models are UL 294 listed and FCC/CE approved.

  • Reads Secura Key and HID-Formatted Proximity Cards
  • Mullion housing allows indoor/outdoor door frame Mounting
  • Switchplate housing allows indoor/outdoor J-box Mounting
  • Four Inputs to Monitor Contact Closures
  • Two open-collector outputs to control external devices
  • Solid State Relay to control door strike or other devices
  • Host Controlled LED (Red/Green) and buzzer
  • Connect up to 100 units on RS-485 Multi-drop Network
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions (H, W, D): 4.38” x 1.74” x 0.9” (11.12 x 4.19 x 2.28 cm)
  • Mounting: Standard Door frame
  • Weight: 3.42 oz (97.009 gm)
  • Material: Lexan®
  • Color: Black
  • Power Requirements: 150 mA @ 5-14VDC
  • Bi-Color: LED Red/Green, Host Activated, Configurable
  • Buzzer Control: Host Activated
  • Communications: RS-485 Secura Key “SR” Protocol
  • Cable Distance: 4,000 ft. total system
  • Cable Required: Communication: 2 twisted-pair, 22-24 AWG or CAT-5; I/O: 2-10 conductor, 22-24 AWG
  • Power: Double-up unused pairs in CAT-5 cable for 12VDC power, or run additional 18/2 cable, or use Coleman 97395-06-23 Siamese cable (CAT-5 + 18/2)
  • Card Compatibility: Secura Key RKCI-02 ISO, RKCM-02 Clamshell, RKKT-02 Keytag, plus HID Proximity cards and key tags with non-proprietary pass-through formats, 26 – 37 bits NOVA.16 accepts formats with 16 ID bits.
  • Regulatory Approvals: UL / cUL294, Part 15 Class B FCC, CE Mark, Canada Radio
  • Read Range: RKCM-02 Molded Card up to 4.5” (11.4 cm) RKCI-02 ISO Card up to 2.5” (6.3 cm) RKKT-02 Key Tag up to 3.5” (8.8 cm)
  • 2 Open Collector Outputs: Rating: 20 VDC @80 mA
  • 1 Solid State Relay: Rating: 60V max - 1.0A AC/ 2.0A DC
  • 4 Contact Inputs: Ground to Activate
  • Frequency: 125 kHz
  • Temperature Range: -40° to +70°C (-40° to +158°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Warranty: These Secura Key products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for two years. Secura Key will replace any Secura Key manufactured product that fails to perform as intended. This warranty does not include freight, taxes, duties, or installation expenses. See price list for complete terms and conditions.
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