SecuraKey HF Wireless Reader to be used only with the SK-MRCP and SK-HUB2, Switchplate style | SKY-ET-SR-R-S


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SecuraKey HF Wireless Reader to be used only with the SK-MRCP and SK-HUB2, Switchplate style | SKY-ET-SR-R-S

Wireless switchplate readers added to Secura Key’s e*Tag® Smart Reader (SR) line are designed to work seamlessly with Secura Key’s NOVA.16, SK-HUB and SK-NET. Using a proprietary wireless protocol, along with Secura Key’s other e*Tag® Smart Readers (SR), the readers can be mixed and matched (to create a hybrid system) or used separately to allow the Dealer enormous flexibility in the planning and installation process. In either case, installation times are greatly reduced.

  • AES encryption ensures secure data delivery 
  • Reads (HF) 13.56MHz Secura Key e*Tag cards 
  • 1000’ line of sight 
  • Connect to the NOVA.16 Controller via a proprietary wireless protocol 
  • Vandal resistant capacitive touch keys (no mechanical movement on the ET-SR-R-K model) 
  • ET-SR-R-K model enables dual authentication access control 
  • Designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions 
  • Data communications from the NOVA.16 controller 
  • Send card data to the NOVA.16 Controller and receive access granted, access denied, and output control commands from the NOVA.16 Controller 
  • Smart Readers have an onboard solid-state relay plus 4 inputs and 2 open collector outputs • All door connectivity (Strike, Latch, REX, Door Monitor, Aux Inputs, and Outputs) is at the Smart Reader
e*Tag® (HF) Cards and Keytags
  • Meets the ISO 15693 International Standard 
  • DES encryption 
  • 13.56MHz Contactless Smart Cards and Keytags encoded in 26 or 32 bit formats 
  • Memory range from 2K to 10k bits 
  • Custom 4 color graphics available 
  • ISO cards available with glossy white for dye-sublimation and in-house photo-id printing
Technical Specifications
  • Operating Frequency (card): 13.56MHz
  • ISO Standard (card): 15693 Compliant
  • Read Range (card)*: ISO Card 10.16 cm (up to 4”) Key Tag 6.35 cm (up to 2.5”)
  • Data Encryption: AES
  • Style: Switchplate
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 11.43 x 8.13 x 2.13 cm (4.50” x 3.20” x 0.84”)
  • Key Pad: N/A 
  • Power: 5-14VDC @ 200mA max
  • Open Collector Outputs (2): Rating: 20 VDC @ 300mA
  • Contact Inputs (4): Ground to activate
  • Solid State Relay (1): Rating: 60V max - 1.0A AC/DC
  • Door Monitoring: Class B
  • Tri-Color LED: Blue/Red/Green
  • Buzzer Control: Host Activated
  • Communications: Radio 915MHz
  • Radio Range: Line of sight up to 1000’
  • Operating Temperature (Range): -40 to +70 C (-40 to +158 F)
  • Relative Humidity (Range): 0 - 100% Non-Condensing
  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications: Electronics completely potted for extreme weather considerations
  • IP Rating: IP67 (Internal Testing)
  • Certifications: FCC • UL • CE Mark • Canada Radio
  • Panel and HUB: SK-MRCP (NOVA.16) and SK-HUB
  • Credentials: ETCI04 (ISO Card) ETST03 (Compact Key Tag) ETKT03 (Bullnose Key Tag) ETAT03 (Adhesive Tag) Encrypted, Wiegand Data (26 or 32-bit formats available) Custom Graphics are available for card and key tags *Read Range depends on the installation environment
  • Limited Warranty: Secura Key products are warranted against defects in materials and assembly for three (3) years. In the event that any Secura Key product fails to perform as intended during the warranty period, Secura Key will replace the defective product with a new or refurbished product. This is subject to the equipment being installed in accordance with the instructions and used appropriately in suitable conditions. The warranty period begins on the date of shipment from our factory or if sold through Distribution on the date of sale (original receipt or documentation is required). This warranty does not include the cost of taxes, duties, or installation expenses.
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