SEA User 2 DG 24V Control Board (Board ONLY, No Enclosure) | SEA-2302A24U2DGR


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SEA User 2 DG 24V Control Board (Board ONLY, No Enclosure) | SEA-2302A24U2DGR

Replacement control board for surf (No enclosure, board only).

  • Management of two 24V motors
  • Adjustable slowdown in opening and closing
  • Separate motors speed adjustment for each leaf
  • Version with rectifying jumper on board
  • Adjustable pedestrian opening
  • 24V Led warning lamp
  • Electro-lock management
  • Emergency battery management through optional battery charging card
  • Working times self-learning
  • Connector for RF radio receiver plug-in
  • Prepared for encoder management
  • Simplified programming through buttons and display
  • Programming through JOLLY 3 palm also
  • Photocells self-test
  • Adjustable ammeter type inversion on obstacle
  • Balanced or standard safety edge management
  • Extractable terminals
  • Separate torque adjustment for each leaf and for opening and closing
  • Leaf delay adjustment differentiated between opening and closing
  • Dead-man, automatic, security, step by step type1, step-by-step type 2, half-automatic1, half-automatic 2.
  • Adjustable courtesy light output up to 4 minutes
  • Setting number of cycles for assistance
  • Settable photocells inputs
  • Low consumption in standby-by
  • Push over
  • Optional external module for traffic light management …and many other functions
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