SEA Surf 450 24V H Dual Swing Gate Operator Kit | SEA-110SURF24D450HBBU


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SEA Surf 450 24V H Dual Swing Gate Operator Kit | SEA-110SURF24D450HBBU

SEA Surf 450 24V H Dual Swing Gate Operator Kit with Metal Control Board Enclosure for leaves length up to 15 feet or max 1100 lbs. weight.

What makes the SURF unique in quality and longevity? The SURF has a full aluminum body (even the back where you fit the bracket). Unlike almost every other brand of swing gate openers, the SEA SURF 450 will withstand well weather conditions and last longer than other electro-mechanical swing gate motors!

Special Feature: SEA Gate Openers are all equipped with an onboard built-in Safety Buzzer that can be activated to alert you when the gate opener is moving or obstructed.

  • (2) swing operator surf 450 h 24v
  • Cable (primary arm): 3' attached / 10' additional
  • Cable (secondary arm): 3' attached / 40' additional
  • (1) metal housing (12x16x6) to accommodate board and batteries
  • (1) control board model user 2 24v dg bbu
  • (2) 12v 7a batteries
  • (1) 433 MHz radio receiver 23120547
  • (2) ladybug (red) 433mhz remotes 23110495
  • (1) reflex 10k - 180 reflective photocell 23102230
  • (2) warning signs
  • CSA Certified
  • UL Compliant
  • Metal housing and gears with bearings
  • Metal manual release
  • Mechanical/electronic stops
  • Strong endless screw supported by bearings for max resistance
  • Brass bague for front attachment
  • Includes bracket allowing inswing and outswing applications
  • 60 cycles per hour
  • 2 years warranty
Other Features
  • Solid: electromechanical reductor made in a die-cast shell in aluminum with polyester coating for outdoor use
  • Easy connections for wires with a separate housing on the posterior cover
  • Version equipped with mechanical limit switches IP 67 and metal release lock
  • Adjustable back fixing with holes
  • Emergency batteries and recharge solar panel
  • Operator with small width for installations also in reduced spaces
  • All gears in solid metal
  • Strong endless screw supported by bearings for max resistance
Technical Specifications
  • Power supply 120V/24V dc
  • Power Consumption (W) 60 W
  • Operating T° range (F°) -4°F to 131°F
  • Cycles/hour 50
  • Duty residential
  • Protection class IP44
  • Max leaf length 15 feet
  • Max leaf weight 1100 lbs.
  • Max opening angle (degrees) 90°/120°
  • Maximum force output 200 daNm
  • Anti-crushing protection electronic
  • Limit switch mechanical/electronic
  • Slowdown electronic
  • Battery backup with batteries
SEA USER 2 24 DG Control Unit
  • Adjustable slowdown in opening and closing
  • Separate motors speed adjustment for each leaf
  • Version with rectifying jumper on board
  • Adjustable pedestrian opening
  • 24V Led warning lamp
  • Electro-lock management
Reflective Photocell 23102230
  • Adjustable lens horizontal/vertical position
  • Built-in resistance 10k for monitoring under UL 325
  • Factory set as N.O. but can also be wired as N.C.
  • Connection time saving due to Power supply only on one side and reflecting on the other side
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Metal fixing support
  • Monitored output: N.C., 10kΩ Resistor
  • Weatherproof (IP55) construction for indoor/outdoor use
  • Hood included
  • Anti-condensation housing
SEA LadyBug (Red) Remote Control & Receiver with Copy Code Technology
  • Transmitter fixed code
  • 433 MHz Frequency
  • Cloning function
  • 4 channels
  • 12V alkaline battery
  • Long range thanks to an antenna of big dimensions
  • Signalization led
  • Silicon buttons Version to be combined with a UNI receiver
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