SEA Orion Box 900 24V BBU Chain Slide Gate Motor | SEA-112SZC3BOXF-CSA


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Chain sliding motor for residential applications.


SEA Orion Box FAST 900 24V BBU Chain Slide Gate Motor Model 112SZC3BOXF-CSA, for gates up to 900 lbs. or 25 feet with a receiver, photocell, two batteries, two remotes and 20ft of chain

Chain sliding motor for residential applications

Included in Kit:
  • 1 Operator ORION BOX
  • 1 24V USER 1 DG control board 2300A24U1MDGR
  • 1 20 Feet Chain #40
  • 1 Receiver 23120547
  • 2 Remote controls 433 MHz 23110495
  • 1 Reflex Photocell (1 pair) 23120547
  • 2 Batteries
  • 1 Installation accessories Kit
  • 1 Installation instructions and general notice
  • 1 Warning signboard

Special Feature: SEA Gate Openers are all equipped with an on-board built-in Safety Buzzer that can be activated to alert you when the gate opener is moving or obstructed.


SEA Orion Box 24V Fast Chain Slide Gate Motor Specification

  • CSA Certified
  • UL Compliant
  • Residential electromechanical chain sliding operator for gate up to 700 lbs.
  • It is very smooth and exceptionally quiet
  • It is a unique compact motorized gear box
  • Metal cover with cataphoretic treated box
  • Slow down in opening/closing with USER 1 - 24V DG
  • Reverse on obstruction
  • Very easy manual release with key
  • Mechanical limit switch
  • Receiver included
  • Ball bearing on the wheels
  • Buzzer alarm.
  • Built -in battery back up system
  • In option solar panel (KIT SUNNY)
  • Battery back-up 7 Ah included
  • Duty Cycles*: This operator can handle up to 800 cycles per day.

**Duty Cycles depend on gate size and installation

Photocell #23102230 Specification:
  • Adjustable lens horizontal/vertical position
  • Built-in resistance 10k for monitoring under UL 325
  • Factory set as N.O. but can also be wired as N.C.
  • Connection time saving due to Power supply only on one side and reflecting on the other side
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Metal fixing support
  • Monitored output: N.C., 10kΩ Resistor
  • Weatherproof (IP55) construction for indoor/outdoor use
  • Hood included
  • Anti-condensation housing
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