Ritron Gateguard Callbox Package (VHF “License Free” GateGuard Package) | RIT-RGGS-127M-XT


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Ritron Gateguard Callbox Package (VHF “License Free” GateGuard Package) | RIT-RGGS-127M-XT

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The GateGuard system is a package of pre-programmed radios designed to provide an out-of-the-box solution for long-range*, 2-way voice communication, and remote access control.

Keep gated areas secure, without compromising your ability to communicate long-range. The rugged, industrial-grade system enables long-range [measured in miles-not feet] wireless 2-way voice communication, while also providing remote access control of gates or mag lock-activated doors.

Use Ritron 2-way portable radios or desk-top base station radios to communicate to callboxes and other radio-equipped personnel around your facility.

Easy to install, no trenching required, and cost-effective!

The GateGuard package includes an XT radio callbox model 6 or 7, JMX portable radio, and JBS desk-top base radio.

Up to one-mile line-of-sight, no obstructions. This is a much greater distance than any garage door opener type product and differentiates this product from what many gate installers are familiar with.

  • RQX-127M-XT-GG: VHF 1 or 2 Watts Wireless Callbox w/ RPS-EXPO External Power Supply
  • JBS-147M-GG: VHF 2 Watt Base Station Radio w/ JBS-MMK Mounting Bracket
  • NT-152M-GG: VHF MURS 2 Watt Handheld Radio with Drop-In Charger
  • Bundled system package of pre-programmed radios provides an out-of-the-box wireless access control solution
  • Long-Range Communication [up to 2 miles line-of-sight] from gate to radio-equipped personnel
  • No Trenching Required
  • Easy Installation
  • Weather Proof and Tamper Resistant Callbox
  • VHF MURS "License-Free Business Only" Model & VHF And UHF “License-Required Business Only" Models Available
  • Alkaline Battery Powered or External Power Capable (optional RPS-EXPO AC adapter)
  • PC and Field Programmable
  • Works With Most Other VHF or UHF Business Band Frequency Radios
Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 1 Year
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