Ritron Q1 Basic Analog Callbox VHF 150-165MHz

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Model: Q1 Basic Analog Callbox VHF 150-165MHz (Hi-Viz GREEN Color)
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Ritron Q1 Basic Analog Callbox VHF 150-165MHz

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Put wireless communication right where you need it! Position the compact and durable Q Series 2-way radio callbox virtually anywhere to maximize manpower efficiency, and improve safety and service response times. Deploys easily - no wires, no trenching, no construction required. Can be used stand-alone using alkaline batteries or can be powered using an external AC adapter.
The Q Series callbox provides crisp, clear, long-range voice communication and allows staff and visitors to communicate with your analog radio-equipped personnel from points near and far, be it the plant floor, a maintenance garage, the gated entrance, a delivery dock, or the 9th Tee. Accomplish more with your 2-way radio system!

  • Battery Powered or External Power Capable
  • Rugged, Polycarbonate Gasket-Sealed Enclosure
  • Vandal-Resistant, Built-In Antenna
  • Vandal-Resistant, 1,000,000 Cycle, Aluminum PTT Button
  • D-Cell (3) Battery Tray (batteries not included)
  • Integrated Speaker & Microphone
  • Field-Programmable and PC Programmable
  • Metal Wall-Mount Brackets (2), for flat surface, 4 Screws
  • T-25 Torx Bit (hollow point type)
  • Wireless, 2-Way, Push-To-Talk, Narrowband Analog Technology
  • No trenching or construction costs to install
  • Available in VHF MURS License-Free frequency band, and license-required VHF 150-165MHz and UHF, 450-470MHz frequency band
  • Business band frequencies, long-range performance - up to1 mile* *line-of-sight.
  • Works with any VHF or UHF analog business band 2-way radio
  • Durable, gasket-sealed, high-impact molded, polycarbonate enclosure
  • Tamper and Vandal-Resistant, Internal Antenna, Long-Life, Machined Aluminum PTT Button
  • Battery* Powered For Stand-Alone Operation or External Power for Always-On Operation. *For optimal performance in battery-only applications, Auto Turn-Off should be enabled.
  • Adjustable Volume, High-Audio Output, Provides Easy To Hear Audio In High Noise Areas
  • User Adjustable field-programmable settings.
  • PC programmable
  • Built-in relay control (Series 7 model only) allows long-range, remote control of gates or doors or use with an optional flashing strobe light.
  • Standard Flange Mount Hole Pattern Easy Installation. Optional Mounting Brackets Available
  • Available In Different Enclosure Colors:  High-Viz Green and Black
  • Call Ritron regarding custom colors for volume applications
  • Designed and Made in the USA
Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 1 Year
Technical Specifications
  • Description –Analog, Conventional: VHF 150-165MHz (Part 90)
  • Tx Pwr Using 3 D-Cells: 700mW
  • TX Pwr Using Ext 12VDC Pwr: 2 Watts
  • Includes Built-In Relay, Stored-Voice Msg, Sensor Switch Inputs: No
  • RF Channels: 1 Channel Analog (12.5KHz)
  • Signaling: CTCSS & DCS Encode/Decode, DTMF Encode/Decode, SelCal Encode/Decode, 2-Tone Decode Only
  • Dimensions: 7” H x 5” W x 3” D
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Enclosure Material: Gasket Sealed, High-Impact Polycarbonate
  • Colors: Black or High-Viz Green
  • Environmental: Splash resistant, shock, and vibration per Ritron test
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F) Battery rating. At 0°C the capacity is < 50% rated) Talk range will decrease at low temperatures when operating on alkaline batteries.
  • Programming: Field programming capability of limited parameters. Full programming capability using internal USB Connector used for full PC Programming.
  • Built-in Remote Control Relay (7 Series): Can be used to remotely control gates, doors, or strobe lights. The (7 Series) relay switch is controlled when the callbox receives the pre-programmed selective signaling command code.
  • SPDT, 3A, 125VAC/30VDC – Normally Open or Normally Closed (NO Default). Modes of Operation: Momentary or Toggle, On/Off.
  • Aux Sensor Monitoring Input: Optional sensors used to detect motion, gate movement, vandal/tamper or vehicle presence can be connected to the callbox using the sensor input.
  • Sensor input responds to an Open or Closed switch. Callbox will send either an alarm tone or a recordable voice message when the optional switch/sensor detects a change.
  • Can also be programmed to automatically turn the callbox ON and transmits recordable voice message or alarm tone to radios monitoring callbox activity.
  • Adjustable Speaker Volume: Adjustable 20% to 100%
  • Automatic Turn-Off Feature: Conserves batteries. Selectable turn-off times will automatically turn the callbox off after a set period of inactivity on the radio channel. Auto Turn-OFF feature must be enabled when using battery-only power.
  • Listen-In Feature: Callbox can be selectively paged to allow remote monitoring of audio in the vicinity of the callbox.
  • Busy Channel TX Inhibit: Prevents Callbox from transmitting if someone else is using the radio channel.
  • Recordable Voice Messages: Greeting Message/Send Call Alert Message/Sensor ON/Sensor OFF/ Low Battery Message/Send Power Fail Message/Auto “Re-Send” - Selectable 0-5 times.
  • Battery Life: 3 D-Cell Alkaline Batteries: Number of Transmissions: Approximately 6,000 based on a duty cycle of 3 Seconds Receive, 3 Seconds Transmit, 10 Seconds Standby.
Model Numbering Key
  • M: denotes MURS Frequencies only (Note: For Part 90 licensed VHF frequencies you must order the non-M VHF model)
  • 7: denotes advanced feature model i.e. built-in relay control, recordable voice messages, and 1 dry-contact switch input.
  • -BLK: denotes housing color is black. (Default color is Hi-Viz Green)
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