Ritron TeleSwitchHP® High Power Wireless Switch Control 136-174MHz | RIT-DTX-165-0BN30I-SIG

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Ritron TeleSwitchHP® High Power Wireless Switch Control 136-174MHz | RIT-DTX-165-0BN30I-SIG

The TeleSwitchHP is a versatile, purpose-built, high-power radio initially designed for use in the railroad industry. The radio transceiver (VHF or UHF band) includes built-in, dual DTMF decoder-controlled relays. It can be used as the radio transceiver in a railroad wayside defect detection announcement system. The added remote-controlled relay feature allows the locomotive engineer to initiate "on-demand" the re-broadcast of a recent defect detector announcement message. This feature also allows DTMF remote control of a wide variety of other devices.

The TeleSwitchHP (High-Power) is a 30W (adj. down to 5W), PC programmable transceiver with the added functionality of two built-in DTMF decoder-controlled 1A dry-contact relays. Each relay can be independently controlled by a unique DTMF command consisting of up to 12 characters. Each relay can be programmed to respond as follows: close relay, open relay or perform a momentary closure. An "Acknowledgment Tone" provides an audible tone whenever a command is correctly decoded by the TeleSwitchHP. The dual-color (red/green) LED indicator will light to indicate that the unit is transmitting or receiving.

  • High Power Capability 5-30 Watts
  • 2 Built-In, DTMF Controlled, 1A Dry-Contact Relay Outputs
  • "Decoder Acknowledgment Tone"
  • 3 Types of Relay Response: Close, Open, Momentary
  • Narrow Band@12.5 kHz (Wide Band @25KHz)*
  • NXDN™ Digital, Very Narrow Band@6.25 kHz Coming Soon!
  • Ultra-Fast TX/RX Attack Times
  • Controlled Envelopesm TX Keying
  • Programmable Output Power
  • Dual Color TX/RX LED Indicator
  • Internal .5W Audio Amp for Optional Channel Monitoring (speaker required)
  • SMD Component Design
  • Custom Frequency Ranges Available
Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 1 Year
Technical Specifications
  • FCC Identifier: AIERIT42-165
  • Frequency Range: 136 -174 MHz
  • Number of Channels: 8
  • Signaling: DTMF Decode, 1-9, # * (up to 12 characters)
  • TX/RX Spacing (w/in frequency range): 38 MHz max
  • Mode of Operation: Simplex/Half Duplex
  • Channel Increment (Synthesizer step size): 2.5 kHz3
  • Emissions Bandwidth: Wide Mode-16kHz. Narrow Mode- 11 kHz. Very Narrow Mode- 4 kHz
  • Frequency Stability (-30° to +60° C): 1.0 ppm
  • Frequency Stability (-30° to +65° C): 1.5 ppm
  • Supply Voltage (VDC): 11-16
  • RF Input/Output Connector: BNC
  • Accessory Connector: 15 pin sub D
  • Operating Temperature: -30° to +65° C
  • Maximum Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.56” x 5.1” x 2.38”
  • Weight: 33 oz.
  • Power Interface: 2 pin Molex
  • Relay Contacts (2): 1A @ 120VAC
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