Ritron 2-Watt High Power QuickTalk Transmitter With 433MHz Receiver Installed


Model: 2 Watt High Power QuickTalk Transmitter With 433MHz Receiver Installed VHF MURS License-Free
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Ritron 2-Watt High Power QuickTalk Transmitter With 433MHz Receiver Installed

Leverage the power of wireless alerting over your radio system with the QuickTalk RQT and optional key fob receiver. The QuickTalk Voice Alerting Transmitter offers the same features as the RQT Transmitter plus the added feature of an installed special-purpose 433MHz receiver.

When equipped with the optional receiver, the RQT transmitter can now be remotely activated by 1 or more discreet and palm-sized wireless Key FOB transmitters or the compact and battery-powered wireless call button (RQA-1B).

The Key FOB transmitter is ideal for courtrooms, medical facilities, assisted living, schools, hotels, retail, or other locations where discreet and instant alerting may be required. Can be used in emergency and non-emergency applications.

  • Flex Antenna
  • RPS-EXPO 110VAC Adapter (RCVR models require external power)
  • Models: UHF 450-470MHz, VHF 150-165MHz, VHF MURS License-Free
  • Analog, Narrow Band Only (12.5kHz) Operation
  • 120mW and 2 Watt Models Available
  • Monitor Up To 4 Switch Inputs
  • Multi-Channel/Frequency Capability. Each input can be programmed to transmit on a different frequency, (e.g. Input 1 transmits on the Maintenance channel; Input 2 Security; Input 3 Operations).
  • Optional, Internal, 433MHz UHF Receiver. The receiver allows remote Key FOB activation (e.g. Emergency Call Button) from up to a few hundred feet away.
  • Easy to record voice messages.
  • PC Programmable
Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 1 Year
Technical Specifications
  • FCC Rule Parts: RQT-152M-RCVR (VHF MURS) - 95, RQT-152-RCVR (VHF) - 90, RQT-452-RCVR (UHF) - 90
  • Frequency Range: RQT-152M-RCVR (VHF MURS) - 5 VHF MURS Frequencies, RQT-152-RCVR (VHF) - 150 to 165 MHz, RQT-452-RCVR (UHF) - 450 to 470 MHz
  • No. of Channels: 4
  • RF Power Input: 2W
  • Coded Signaling Encode: CTCSS, Quiet Call, 51 Tones DCS, Digital Quiet Call, all codes DTMF ANI 3-7 tone Selcall
  • Typical Range: One-half mile to a handheld radio transceiver using the standard flexible antenna. Greater range is possible if an optional antenna (RAM-1545), or a radio repeater is used.
  • Battery Life:  1 year when using AA batteries and the unit transmits a 5-second message once each hour, 24 hours per day, 5 days per week, or approximately 7,000 transmissions. Internal Battery: 6 AA batteries. (Lithium-Ion batteries, non-rechargeable)
  • External Power: 12 - 18 VDC, Use Ritron p/n# RPS-EXPO
  • Antenna Connector:    BNC, 50 Ohms, front panel-mounted
  • Antenna: Ritron AFB-1545 Standard Antenna, Flexible Whip, 14 inches long with elbow connector.
  • Housing: Polycarbonate Dimensions: 7.57” x 5.07” x 2.65” (19.23cm x 12.88cm x 6.73cm)
  • Weight: 1 pound, without batteries and antenna
  • Number of Switch Inputs: 4 Momentary, Latching, Analog Voltage or Resistance
  • Voice Message Length: 24 seconds total for all voice messages, equally allocated to the programmed inputs
  • Auxiliary Messages: (Fixed-Length) Low Battery (2 seconds) External Power Failure (2 seconds) Location (2 seconds) One location message per RQT. Precedes voice message for each input.
  • Programming Method: User Programmable with Ritron RQA/RQT PC Programmer via USB Programmable Features: - 4 independently programmed inputs - Analog or digital input operation - Event-driven and/or scheduled transmission of input status - Compressed transmitted audio (compatible with companded radios) - Preamble alert tone prior to a transmitter voice message (selectable On/Off) - Unique, user recorded voice messages - Voice message recording via onboard microphone or pre-recorded .wav file - External power failure and low battery alert.
  • Models with installed KEYFOB Receiver does NOT include Optional KEYFOBS
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