One Box Of 25 Disposable Protective Masks # AV-MASK-25 | FAS-AV-MASK

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One Box Of 25 Disposable Protective Masks # AV-MASK-25 | FAS-AV-MASK

Pack of 25 disposable protective masks with multiple layers and blow out flame tested.

Usage Method
  • The nose line is outward and upward and the mask is unfolded by pulling one ear band with both hands.
  • Buckle the ear belt behind the ear and adjust it to a suitable length.
  • Adjust the position of the nasal bridge line between the index finger and the middle finger of both hands and press them gently.
  • Adjust the mask to fully fit the face to achieve a dust-proof effect.
  • To avoid damaging the filter material, do not clean the mask with water.
  • When the mask is not being used, it should be stored in a clean environment without pollution.
  • When the respiratory resistance of the mask is obviously increased or it becomes dirty or damaged, the mask should be replaced immediately.

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