Noodoe DC360P DC EV Charger - Dual | NOO-DC360P-2

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Noodoe DC360P DC EV Charger - Dual | NOO-DC360P-2

Noodoe DC360P DC EV Charger - Dual 360KW station with two dispenses, 360kw from one gun, 180kw from 2 guns, 120kw from 3 guns, 90kw from 4 guns.

This station is the mightiest Noodoe station, featuring abilities like true simultaneous charging of up to four vehicles at the same time. As more 800-volt vehicles enter the market, installers of the DC360P know their futureproof station will continue to provide fast charging for all drivers. So deploy the DC360P anywhere you want to give customers a quick recharge site.

Note: These prices are all-inclusive, meaning minimum required additional services like EV OS operating system for 1 YR, LTE/Cellular plans for 1 YR, and Commissioning and Set Up are pre-included.

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