Nidec DC Tower 360kW EV Charger (Flagship Model)

NidecSKU: NID-360KW-Flagship-250A

Model: 250A Cable
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Nidec DC Tower 360kW EV Charger (Flagship Model)

Our DC Tower – 360 kW DC charger complies with all applicable norms and OCPP protocol standards and is configurable with all charging connections, including CCS 1 and 2, CHAdeMO.

With a maximum power rating of 360kW, this charger offers the possibility to insert up to 12 30kW-power modules to adapt the charging capacity to your needs from 60kW (base unit) up to 360kW at a later stage. DC Tower – 360 kW is fully compatible with the Nidec EV Charging product family.

Additionally, this is our most cost-competitive station in the 300-360KW range that also has a large marketing screen for additional revenue opportunities. Cord management is also built into the station.

Note: These prices are all-inclusive, meaning minimum required additional services like EV OS operating system for 1 YR, LTE/Cellular plans for 1 YR, Commissioning, and Set Up are pre-included.

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