National Loop 4’ X 8’ Preformed Saw Cut Loops (18AWG white P-NL)

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Model: 20’ Lead-in
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National Loop 4’ X 8’ Preformed Saw Cut Loops (18AWG white P-NL)

Every day thousands of loops are installed all across this country. Chances are you’ve driven over several dozen of them on your way to work — and didn’t even know it. And if you are in the business of installing these fearless, underground foot soldiers, that’s exactly the way you want it: a seamless encounter for every driver, every time.

The saw cut loops consist of a non-spliced, machine-twisted lead-in, using polypropylene-wrapped copper wires. Designed for a vehicle in conjunction with:

  • Parking Barrier Gates
  • Overhead Doors
  • Gate Operators
  • Traffic Signal
  • Arming Devices
  • Vehicle Count
  • One continuous wire throughout the loop turns and lead-in
  • Reduces guesswork of necessary turns for accurate performance
  • Product flexibility allows for easy installation
  • Our signature design allows the sealant to fully encapsulate the loop
  • Optimizes read-height, eliminates faulty signals, and minimizes callbacks
  • More cost-effective when compared to hand-wound installations
    • This six-foot loop should not be used in gate applications where an opening is more than 12 feet in length. Maximum coverage is three feet on each side of the loop.
    • Add Harness Model 802-4 & Universal Loop Detector To Orders (also found in this Accessory Section) When Purchasing Safety &/Or Exit Loops.
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