Mayday LifeShield Motorized Reception Window 9'x4' | MAY-MRW9x4

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Mayday LifeShield Motorized Reception Window 9'x4' | MAY-MRW9x4

The first point of protection is the front desk. Deploy a LifeShield+ panel to cover your reception window and provide safety the second an alarm is sounded.

This window offers unrivaled protection, combining bullet resistance, visibility obstruction, and intrusion deterrence. Equipped with Liteshield+ technology, it goes beyond merely providing bullet resistance. It is designed to secure entryways by delaying unauthorized access, obscuring visibility, and offering remote deployment or retraction capabilities.

Traditional methods of installing bullet-resistant glass walls can be prohibitively expensive and complicated. However, LifeShield+ provides a swift and discreet installation solution, ensuring protection remains invisible until activated. Installing an entire outer bullet-resistant glass wall is both greatly expensive and a construction nightmare. LifeShield+ installs quickly and remains out of sight until needed.

Why LifeShield+?

  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION. LifeShield+ is a UL752 Level 3 bullet-resistant material that protects against most handguns. UL752 is considered the gold standard of ballistic-resistant construction materials.

  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION. It is installed in as little as 30 minutes and can be deployed in seconds using a button, remote, or integrated alarm system. Customizable to protect any size door, window, wall, etc.

  • DEMONSTRATION. In addition to the UL testing, Mayday was tested by third-party security consultants and put on an impressive performance.

What Does LifeShield+ Do?

  • LifeShield+ Stops Bullets.
  • LifeShield+ Saves Lives.
  • LifeShield+ Offers Protection Where You Need It Most.
  • LifeShield+ Offers More Than Meets The Eye.


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