Linear SG 1/2 HP Barrier Gate with Wishbone Arm

LinearSKU: LIN-SG-TB-25-221-YS

Model: 15ft-25ft Yellow 230V 1PH
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Linear SG 1/2 HP Barrier Gate with Wishbone Arm

Slower operating, counterbalanced wishbone arm. For low-traffic industrial vehicular applications, available in 1/2 horsepower, 115V, or 230V supply voltage, custom arm length.

Designed to control industrial vehicular traffic. The gate can be actuated by different devices, such as radio controls, single- and three-button control stations, digital keypads, coded cards, sensing loops, and telephone entry systems.

Designed for low-traffic applications because of the developing momentum and overall slower operating speed of the wishbone arm. Dual BGU-12 gates on opposing sides of the driveway are recommended for high-cycle applications. The two operate in unison to provide quick and dependable control under high-traffic conditions.

  • APeX Controller
  • Integral APeX Controller
  • Power on/off switch
  • Duplex receptacle (115 VAC units only)
  • 24 VDC permanent magnet motor (SG-D only)
  • 115 VAC supply converted to 24 VDC for motor and controls (SG-D only)
  • Dual batteries charged by 115 VAC or optional solar panels (SG-D only)
  • On-board APeX Controller three-button control station
  • All accessory connections 24 VDC
  • Easily adjustable cam-operated limit switches
  • Lockable and removable front cover for easy access
  • Built-in maximum run timer and auto close timer
  • Master/second with a simple 3-wire connection
  • Quad V-belt
  • Heavy-duty right-angle gear reducer
  • Heavy-duty harmonic link with oil-impregnated bronze bushings
  • Motor has a manually-resettable overload
  • Full system capable of access control and reversing devices
  • Weather-resistant galvanized steel cabinet with powder coat finish
    • 5 years
    Technical Specifications
    • HP: 1/2
    • Voltage and Phase: 115-1PH, 230-1PH
    • Arm Size: 16-25 Ft.
    • Application: Slower operating, counterbalanced arm, provision for single-button, detector, radio, 3-button controls, 24VAC accessories
    • Maximum Duty Cycle: Continuous
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