LiftMaster 10-Key Keypad Smart Reader | LIF-SRDRKP


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LiftMaster 10-Key Keypad Smart Reader | LIF-SRDRKP

Introducing a smarter way into your building and through any door you need to access. The myQ® Community app makes life easier and safer for residents in your building. Using myQ mobile credentials, residents have three options: they can simply tap a smartphone against a LiftMaster Smart Reader or Smart Video Intercom to unlock the door, touch the Smart Reader while keeping their phone in their front pocket, or press a push notification on their phone from the myQ Community app. To unlock any door in the building—from the front entrance to the gym or mail room—our myQ Community app empowers residents to easily move around their building, letting visitors and deliveries in from their smartphone.


Cloud Based Control

With the myQ Community app and myQ Community web portal.


With myQ mobile credentials, users receive highly secure, encrypted access,
using their smartphones as an all-access pass to get around the building.


myQ Community works for any building type or entrance. You can use the myQ
Community app to access the front door, elevator, gym, mail room or parking garage.
Admins can add new doors to manage access anywhere it is needed. The hardware
is easy to install and the myQ Community software is even easier for managers to use.


No keys? No problem. With the myQ Community app, residents can easily present their smartphone to the Smart Video Intercom at their entrance or press the push notification alert on their smartphone to enter the building. They can follow the same process to open any other door in their building that has the LiftMaster Smart Reader. With the Smart Readers, they have the added choice to keep their phone in their pocket and just touch the reader. Plus, admins can easily assign or revoke access as needed.

Easy to Install

Plug and play for new buildings and retrofit installations. Modernize your
building and credentialed access with future-forward mobile credentials.

  • 1 year
Technical Specifications
  • Connectivity: Dependent on door control device: CAPXLV, CAPXM, CAPXS or CAP2D
  • Power Supply Voltage: 5-16 VDC (Power supply not included)
  • Current: SRDRKP – 145 mA average, 195 mA peak
  • Technology:
    Multiple Technology with Proximity (125 KHz), Smart (13.56 MHz) and mobile credential (BLE)
    • • Prox: 125 KHz - Standard 26-bit, 30-bit, 37 bit
    • • Smart: 13.56 MHz – 32 bit Mi-Fare, 56 bit LiftMaster
    • • Dual Tech: LiftMaster – 36 bit (125KHz) and 56 bit (13.56 MHz)
  • Mounting: Single Gang – includes integrated backplate, wall plate, and mounting hardware
  • Dimensions: 5.1”x3.25”x0.71”
  • Temp Range: -31°F to 150°F
  • Shipping Weight: 0.78 lbs
  • Regulatory Certifications: FCC, IC, CE, UL 294, EN 302291, EN 301489, EN 300330, EN 50130-4, IP55, BIS IS 13252
  • Material: Reader electronics conformally coated in a silicone water-resistant coating
  • Anti-Tamper Notification: Accelerometer-based tamper detection
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