LiftMaster Advanced Fire Control Release Device | LIF-LM21AFCB


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LiftMaster Advanced Fire Control Release Device | LIF- LM21AFCB

The LiftMaster Fire Control LM21AFCB Release Device is a UL/ULC listed normally energized fail-safe device incorporating state-of-the-art electronic control circuitry.

This release device is designed to be used with manual doors or motorized doors incorporating a reversing electric safety edge to create an automated door closing system and is also used in conjunction with a temperature fuse link system.

The high-performance control panel responds to emergency conditions generated from an automatic initiating device. Upon activation, the device will then automatically close a motorized door or mechanically release a door in the absence of motorized operation.

LiftMaster Business Connectivity Monitor and Control
  • UL 864 Revision 9 compliant.
  • 3 count obstruction cycling.
  • Selectable 10, 20, 30, or 60-second delay on alarm.
  • Test key switch – Floor level testing.
  • Motor voltage sensing.
  • Form C relay output.
  • Lower limit detection.
  • Safety timer.
  • Battery support for release device logic, smoke detectors, standard annunciator.
  • Trouble diagnostic capabilities (does not support operator).
  • 2 wire or 4 wire smoke detector wiring.
  • 120Vac operating voltage.
Also known as
  • LiftMaster CN21-AFCB
  • LiftMaster OH21-AFC
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