LiftMaster DHJ 1/2 HP Industrial-Duty Hoist/Jackshaft Door Operator with Brake

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Model: Left Hand Mount / BDHJ501L5L / Single Phase (115V/230V)
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LiftMaster DHJ 1/2 HP Industrial-Duty Hoist/Jackshaft Door Operator with Brake

This model will be replaced with MAXUM 1/2 HP DC Jackshaft Commercial Door Operator (Non-Hoisted)

The LiftMaster DHJ operator is ideal for lighter rolling steel doors/grilles and high or vertical-lift sectional overhead doors in standard duty-cycle commercial applications where a manual hoist is required; a door lock sensor is ideal for shopping mall grille applications. Standard-Duty cycles up to 25 cycles/hour and up to 90 cycles/day (using continuous-rated motor).

Please note

The following options are mandatory to purchase a Commercial Door Operator, any order not containing these options will not be processed:

  • Door Type
  • Door Height
  • Safety Eye/Edge

If you need more information or a custom configuration, please call our technical support team at (800) 730-8382.

This product is a special order only and it is not eligible for returns or refunds.

Make sure to calculate the door area to ensure compatibility*

  • 3-Button Indoor Surface Mount Station (NEMA 1) 02-103L
  • FREE Digital Multimeter
  • Operator Speed: 8-9 Inches per second
  • Limit Settings: Mechanical
  • Internal Door Lock Sensor: Eliminates jamming and damage to door and operator if the door is opened when locked.
  • Emergency Disconnect for Manual Operation: Floor-level emergency release sash chain.
  • Emergency Disconnect with Auto-Reconnect: Reconnects when tension is removed from the emergency release sash chain
  • Programming: Control function selector dial/tactile buttons
  • Circuit Board: Solid-state Logic 5.0 circuit board
  • Timer-to-Close: Programmable in 1 second and 15-second increments up to 68 minutes, standard.
  • Clutch: Standard adjustable friction clutch
  • Mid-Stop: Programmable
  • Run Time Protection: Maximum run timer
  • Motor Reverse Action Protection: Delay-on-reverse circuit
  • Motor Operator Wall Control: 3-Button Control Station with Maintenance Alert System (MAS).
  • Push Button Station: 3-Push button station (Open/Close/Stop)

LiftMaster Business Connectivity Monitor and Control

Business Connectivity

  • Monitor and Control: myQ technology enables monitoring and control of the operators through a mobile app.
  • Real-time alerts: Indicate the status of doors via email.

    Installation Features

    • Maximum Door Height: 26 feet standard with additional capability
    • Maximum Door Width: 22 feet standard with additional capability
    • Maximum Allowable Square Footage: 560 square feet
    • Internet Connectivity: myQ® Technology enables remote monitoring and control of the commercial door via a smartphone, tablet, or computer (LiftMaster Internet Gateway and myQ app required.)
    Commercial Door Operator Lifestyle Facility


    • myQ Technology enables monitoring and control of the facility operators through a mobile app.
    • Grid View to efficiently monitor all the doors in the facility.
    • Real-Time Alerts indicate the status of doors via email or push notifications.


    • Security+ 2.0 safeguards facility access with rolling code technology, opening for registered devices only.
    • Timer-To-Close can be programmed to close the door after a set amount of time.
    • The Commercial Protector System auto-reverses the door if an entrapment protection device detects an obstruction.


    • Continuous-Duty High-Starting Torque Motor performs in demanding industrial overhead door applications.
    • Warranty: 2 years

    *Please refer at the table below to ensure compatibility.LiftMaster Industrial-Duty Jackshaft Operator w/ Internal Doorlock | All Security Equipment

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