LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock | LIF-841LM

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LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock | LIF-841LM

The Automatic Garage Door Lock is a powerful add-on accessory that works automatically with the opener. When two locks are installed, the two-point locking system has been engineered, tested, and approved to meet hurricane-ready requirements by reinforcing the garage door automatically.

  • Automatic Operation: Performs in tandem with the opener, so it always locks and unlocks.
  • Anywhere Assurance: Powered by myQ technology, homeowners will have the ability to open and close their garage door from anywhere and will receive alerts if it's left open.
Safety and Security
  • Absolute Protection: A deadbolt lock reinforces the garage door automatically when the garage door is closed.
  • Audible Security: The sound of the lock engaging provides homeowners with the assurance the garage door has been secured.
  • The Automatic Garage Door Lock 841LM is compatible with LiftMaster Commercial Door Operator for Sectional Doors LJ8900W and LiftMaster Garage Door Opener models: WLED, 8550WLB, 8360WLB, 8580WLB, and 8587W. The Automatic Lock is included in 8500W.
  • If the homeowners' garage door requires a center post to be installed during a wind event, the LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock cannot be used to replace that system. It is recommended that the homeowner please contact their local LiftMaster installer or garage door manufacturer.
  • Cellular data or Wi-Fi connection required. Test equipment regularly and follow safety instructions.
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