LiftMaster Timer Light Status Card | LIF-TLS1CARD


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LiftMaster Timer Light Status Card | LIF-TLS1CARD

The LiftMaster Timer Light Status Card TLS1CARD provides a special function to control auxiliary devices such as lights, bells, horns, horn/strobes, etc. at various door positions. The TLS1CARD also provides a special timer functions.

Also known as: 012381356683

Only one TLS1CARD can be used with the Logic 4.0 operator, however it can be used in conjunction with other option cards, such as AUXCARD, FDRCARD and CPSIII card.

How to Wire a LiftMaster Traffic Light to a Logic 5.0 Commercial Door Operator Using the TLS1CARD
Product Literature
LiftMaster TLS1CARD Owner's Manual

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