IDP Primus Composite White Cards (500 cards) | IDP-900002

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IDP Primus Composite White Cards (500 cards) | IDP-900002

Primus 80/20 Composite PVC, CR80.30, 500 Cards

IDP Genuine Primus cards are manufactured with the highest standards to optimize the print quality from your printer. The Primus cards are produced to ISO CR80 specifications (54mm x 86mm | 2.12” x 3.38) and are packaged securely for high quality dust-free printing.

IDP offers a full range of industry standard cards such as PVC, Composite PVC, PET-G, and ReWrite (used with the SMART-30R) and in various thicknesses. In addition, blank white cards, pre-printed cards, LoCo and HiCo magnetic striped cards and even the latest smartcards and proximity cards are all available from IDP.

Using only IDP’s Genuine Primus cards is essential to the quality of your printed cards and maintaining the long life of your printer.

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