HySecurity SlideDriver 200 | HYS-444-XS-ST

HySecuritySKU: HYS-444-XS-ST-1PH-115

Size: HySecurity SlideDriver 200 Single Phase 115V
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HySecurity SlideDriver 200 | HYS-444-XS-ST

SlideDriver is a powerful, industrial hydraulic slide gate operator that secures industrial and crash sites worldwide. This rugged, continuous duty operator is renowned for decades long life and low maintenance.

Cycle the heaviest, longest gates, up to 20,000 lb at 1 ft/s (9,072 kg / 30 cm/s). The SlideDriver 200 is equipped with two AdvanceDrive™ wheels that run on the top of the drive rail and two XtremeDrive™ wheels which engage a rack on the underside of the drive rail. This increases the pull force for the longest, heaviest industrial and high security gates.

Note: XtremeDrive™ System requires HySecurity XtremeDrive™ rack and a drive rail. Price includes 52 ft (16 m) of rack, but no drive rail. To ensure compatibility, we recommend HySecurity’s grooved (flangeless) drive rail or a steel/aluminum angle iron be used at the site. If mounting XtremeDrive to a flanged drive rail, the clearance between the flanges must be a minimum of 2 inches (5 cm).

Note: Please note that all operators come in 60 Hz.  If you need an operator with 50 Hz, please call us at (800)-730-8382 for a special order.

    Operator Components

    Model: SlideDriver 200

    • Part Number: 444 XS ST
    • Est. Ship Weight: 418 lb
    • Shipping Dimensions: 40"w x 32"d x 38"h
    • Shipping Class: 70
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