Linear (GTO) RVCTBD3040 Rev Counter Board | GTO-RVCTBD3040


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Linear (GTO) RVCTBD3040 Rev Counter Board  | GTO-RVCTBD3040

The Linear (GTO) RVCTBD3040 is a rev counter board for the Linear (GTO) / PRO SW2000XLS / SW2002XLS and SW3000 / SW4000 NON XLS gate openers.

The Rev Board for the 2000XLS systems is the RVCTBD3040, which is the board that comes in the gate arm. The previous replacement board RVCTBD50 is a wider board which does not allow as much clearance between the board and gear box. So when replacing the Rev Counter Board you will need to use the RVCTBD3040 for best results.

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