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Model (FM134) RB742 Linear (GTO) Mini Two Button (2 Channel) Remote Control Transmitter For All Linear (GTO) and Mighty Mule Gate Operators.



Linear (GTO) RB742 (FM134) Mini Two Button Remote Control Transmitter

Linear (GTO) RB742 2 channel remote transmitter MigtyMule & Linear (GTO) has combined the compactness of the mini keychain (the original RB744 which is no longer manufactured by GTO) with the ease of the dual entry transmitter into one model. The FM134 is the same as the RB742.

For use with MightyMule and Linear (GTO) PRO openers. The dual transmitter is used for controlling two operators, or for garage doors and gate openers when used with the Linear (GTO) Universal Receiver (RB709). All transmitters have adjustable code settings, frequency is 318Mhz.

The dual controls 2 channels with adjustable code settings and has visor clip for your vehicle and/or keychain attachment.

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Linear (GTO) Mighty Mule RB742 Remote Manual

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