Linear (GTO) PRO 4200XLS Slave Swing Gate Opener | GTO-PRO-SW4200XLS


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Linear (GTO) PRO 4200XLS Slave Swing Gate Opener for Linear (GTO) PRO SW 4000XLS

Add the Linear (GTO) PRO 4200XLS unit to the PRO4000XLS swing gate opener (also known as a Linear (GTO) swing gate operator or Linear (GTO) swing gate motor) and your system will operate a double swing gate up to 40' wide (20' each leaf). Burying the power cable directly across the driveway is fine. It can be snaked through conduit also. Cable is 1/4 inch diameter with a 1 inch plug on one end only.

Linear (GTO) PRO 4200XLS Slave Swing Gate Opener for Linear (GTO) PRO SW 4000XLS:
  • Operator arm
  • 50' power cable - wires into the control box of the PRO4000XLS
  • Mounting hardware
  • NOTE: This operator will not work as a stand-alone unit. It is a slave unit without a control box and is meant to hook up to the PRO4000XLS control box for use with a double gate.
  • 12 volt systems, no electrician needed for installation
  • Gate will work during electrical power outage
  • Adjustable obstruction sensing, auto closing, and gate sequencing
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