ASE Remote Control Transmitter For J-Slide | FAS-J-4CHTX

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ASE FAS-J-4CHTX Remote Control Transmitter For J-Slide | FAS-J-4CHTX

The FAS-J-4CHTX Remote Control Transmitter has a ≥30 meters range. For use with FAS-SLIDECH300BBUP sliding gate operator.

Easy reference set up instructions Remote J-4CHTX for J-Slide
  • 1- Press CODE, a dot is indicated on the LED display.
  • 2- Press the transmitter button which you want to use (buttons 1, 2, 3, 4), then press the same button again.
  • 3- The dot on the LED display will flash then turn off.
  • 4- '||' is indicated on the LED display, then the learning process is finished.

Up to 20 transmitters may be used.

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