FAAC S800H SBW 180° Operator Only without Locks | FAA-108725


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FAAC S800H SBW 180° Operator Only without Locks | FAA-108725

The FAAC S800H ENC is an integrated automatic in-ground gate operator for a swinging gate leaf. It makes possible to automate gates without altering their appearance. The operator include the hydraulic control unit (pump) and the hydraulic drive unit in the same body. The model without a hydraulic lock device (SBW) requires an electrical locks to ensure that the leaf is mechanically locked.

The S800H ENC operator is designed and manufactured to automate swing leaf gates. Do not use for any other purpose.

  • Hybrid technology
  • Integrated high resolution encoder for precise control of the operator position
  • 100 ° and 180 ° opening angle versions
  • Opening/Closing mechanical stops integrated
  • Easy handling and installation thanks to the integrated handles
  • Maximum safety thanks to the E024U control board reverse on contact feature
  • Built in battery backup to ensure operation in case of power outage
  • SBW version for use in areas subject to strong winds
  • Compliant with UL325 for Class I,II,III and IV applications
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 3 years
Technical Specifications
  • Input Voltage: 24 Vdc
  • Power: 60 W
  • Max. torque: 442 lbf.ft (600 Nm)
  • Max. angle speed: 8.2°/s
  • Max opening angle: 187° (S800H 180°)
  • Max Leaf width: 16 ft (4.9 m)
  • Max Leaf weight: 1760 lb (800kg)
  • Operating ambient temperature: -4°F - 131°F (-20 °C to +55 °C)
  • Use frequency: continuous
  • Operator weight: 37 lb S800H 180° (17.0 kg)
  • Protection class: IP 67
  • Hydraulic locks: not included
  • Mounting dimensions, wind factor and gate design will affect performance specification
  • Use frequency is measured at an ambient temperature of 72 °F (20 °C) . Temperature variation will affect it.
  • An electric or magnetic lock is recommended for any gate longer than 12 ft (3.6 m).
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