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FAAC B680H Automatic Barrier L Kits

The automated system consists of a white aluminum beam with reflectors (not included), optional signaling lights, a covering compartment, and a steel upright profile. Inside the compartment, there is an operator consisting of the upright profile with a hydraulic unit and two plunging pistons fixed to it, which, by means of a rocker arm, rotate the beam. The latter remains balanced thanks to a balance spring fitted on one of the two plunging pistons. The electronic control equipment is also housed on the upright, inside a compartment, and the whole is protected by the external covering compartment.

The system features an adjustable electronic anti-crushing safety, a device that guarantees to stop and lock of the beam in any position, and a convenient manual release for use in case of black-out or inefficiency.

  • Body B680H
  • Cover
  • L Bracket
  • Balancing Spring
    • Hybrid technology: Hydraulic + Brushless motor
    • Over 2,000,000 continuous use cycles without special maintenance
    • Advantage of modular items: only one barrier model and two springs for sectional barrier arms measuring 7.5 to 27.2 ft, right or left version, and for different speeds
    • Removable covers available in 4 colors or stainless steel
    • Opening speed (programmable): from 1.5 seconds for 7.5 ft barrier arms up to 6 seconds for 27.2 ft barrier arms.
    • Easy-to-program and technologically advanced control unit: Integrated encoder (with reverse in the event of obstacle), two integrated Loop Detectors, and Master/Slave logic
    • Compatible with 620 and 640 foundation plate
      Technical Specifications
      • Power supply: 100 - 240 Vac 50/60 Hz
      • Electric Motor: 36 Vdc Brushless
      • Absorbed power: 240 W
      • Absorbed current: 1.1 A (at 230 V)
      • Motor rotation speed: 1.000 - 6.000 RPM
      • Pump capacity: 3,2 l/min (max)
      • Electronic deceleration: Absolute magnetic encoder
      • Operating ambient temperature: -4°F - 131°F (-20°C - +55°C)
      • Weight: 187 lb. (143 lb. body + 44 lb. housing)
      • Oil type: FAAC HP OIL
      • Barrier body treatment: 100 micron epoxy zinc-plating anti-corrosion treatment + paint
      • Protection class: IP56 (TÜV certified)
      • Barrier arm type: Round with safety edge and optional lights
      • For 6.5 - 26.2 ft. openings
      • Barrier arm not included
      • Make sure to order the barrier arm when ordering the kit
      • Kits with blue and red covers have a non-standard lead time
      Manufacturer's Warranty Period
      • 3 years
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