FAAC 455D Control Panel (Pre New UL version 7)


Voltage: 115V
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FAAC 455D Control Panel (Pre New UL version 7)

The FAAC 455D control panel can operate a single leaf or master/slave gate system.

  • Operates a single leaf or a bi-parting gate
  • Provides opening and closing "slow down, soft stop" convenience
  • Onboard programming via push button
  • Easy interconnection of actuating and reversing devices
  • Open/Hold open function
Operating Logics
  • A (automatic): signal to open, the gate closes automatically after a selected timed pause
  • S (security): similar to A logic, useful in reducing tailgating
  • E (semi-automatic): garage door-like operation; signal to open, signal to close
  • EP (semi-automatic): similar to E logic, but second signal stops gate, the third signal reverses gate
  • B (manned, pulsed): designed for guard station use, requires a 3-button switch (pulsed) to open, close, and stop gate
  • C (manned, constant): similar to B logic, but 3-button switch requires constant pressure on each button
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 1 year
Technical Specifications
  • Power supply: 115 VAC (+/- 10%) or 230 VAC (+6% -10%) 50-60 HZ)
  • Absorbed power: 10W
  • Motor max load: 800W
  • Accessories max load: .5 amp
  • Electric lock max load: 15 Va
  • Operating temperature: -78F to +131F
  • Protection fuses: .800 mA (accessories) 5 amp (motors)
  • Opening/closing time: 0 to 120 seconds (programmable)
  • Pause time: 0 to 4 minutes (programmable)
  • Closing leaf delay: 0 to 4 minutes (programmable)
  • Opening leaf display: 2 seconds (can be disabled)
  • Torque: adjustable from 0 to 50 levels
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