EMX Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detector - Controller | EMX-LRS-C1


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EMX Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detector - Controller | EMX-LRS-C1

The Loop Replacement System (LRS) features advanced 3-axis, magnetoresistive
sensing technology. The sensor measures Earth’s magnetic field and responds to
disturbances caused by ferrous objects. Three sensing elements provide magnetic
field measurement in the X, Y, and Z axes, improving detection sensitivity. The
LRS’s exciting new technology provides a high-sensitivity, compact, and
cost-effective solution for reliable vehicle detection.

The small size of the LRS allows for easy installation in pavement (below grade)
with a single saw cut. It provides cost savings on labor and materials when
compared to the multiple cuts and corner reliefs required for the installation of
inductive loops. The rugged sensor is also suitable for above-grade installations,
making it ideal for use in confined areas or hidden in non-ferrous architectural
components for security purposes.

  • Three-dimensional presence detection of vehicles
  • Select X, Y, Z-axis independently
  • Stand-alone sensor
  • The sensor stores ambient background and settings in non-volatile memory
  • Remote control module for programming and additional relay contact output
  • ULTRAMETER™ displays optimum sensitivity setting/crosstalk interference
  • DETECT-ON-STOP™ allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop
  • Optional Logic Interface for extended detection
  • Automatic gates and doors
  • Drive-thru windows
  • Car washes
  • Parking and traffic monitoring
  • Loading docks
Technical Specifications
  • Sensing Technology: 3-axis magnetoresistive
  • ULTRAMETER™ Display: 10 levels of sensitivity: 0-9
  • Axis Sensitivity: 512 counts/gauss (typical)
  • Environmental Tracking: Automatic compensation
  • Local Magnetic Field Nulling: Averages local field signature in any sensor orientation
  • Detection Range: 5 ft. (1.5m)
  • Power/Fault Indicator: Green LED
  • Detect Indicator: Red LED
  • Pulse/Presence: Allows the relay/NPN output to send either a pulse output or have a constant presence
  • Detect-On-Stop™: Requires vehicle to stop for a minimum of 1 second (1-2s typical)
  • Outputs: SPDT relay/NPN (open collector)
  • Output Ratings: Relay: 1A @ 24VDC…120VAC NPN: 50 mA (max)
  • Connection: 10 position screw termina
  • Operating Environment: 40o C…82o C (-40o F…180o F)
  • Housing: ABS
  • Environmental Rating: IP30
  • Power Supply: 12-30 VDC and 24 VAC
  • Current Draw: 40 mA max
  • Supply Protection Circuitry: Reverse polarity and fuse protected
  • Dimensions: 76mm (3.0”) x 22mm(0.9”) x 70mm(2.75”)
  • Weight: 68g (0.15 lbs.) 
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