EMX Low-Power Vehicle Loop Detector | EMX-LP-D-TEK


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EMX Low-Power Vehicle Loop Detector | EMX-LP-D-TEK

EMX Industries Inc. has designed the LP-DTEK for applications where vehicle
detection is needed and low power consumption is desired. The LP-DTEK’s low
9 mA current draw makes it ideal for solar applications and gate or door operators
that require many accessories drawing from the same power supply. The lower
current requirement means smaller solar panels are needed reducing costs.

  • Indicators (LED) Power, frequency, loop fails, detect, extend output
  • Controls Sensitivity, Pulse On Enter, Pulse On Exit, 4 Minute Limit, Infinite Presence, Second Presence Relay, Frequency, Fail Safe / Fail Secure, Filter, Automatic Sensitivity Boost, 3, 6, 9 Second Extend Detect Output
Technical Specifications
  • Power Supply: 12 – 24 Volts AC/DC
  • Current Consumption: < 9 mA
  • Operating Temp: -40oF to 180oF
  • Surge Protection: Zener Diode /MOV
  • Output Relays (2): 1Amp 30 VDC
  • Loop Input: Transformer isolation, lightning and transient protection (1)
  • Loop Inductance Range: 20 – 2000 uH Q-factor of 5 or higher
  • Tuning: Automatic on reset or power-up
  • Tracking: Automatic for environmental changes
  • Size: Height 3.25” (83mm) Width 2.56” (40mm) Length 3.65” (90mm)
  • Housing: Extruded Anodized Aluminum
  • Connector: 86CP11 11 pin male
Vehicle Loop Detector Video


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