Doorking Bevel Gear | DKS-6006-116

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Doorking Bevel Gear | DKS-6006-116

The Doorking Bevel Gear 6006-116 is a specific component used in gate operator systems. Bevel gears are essential for converting the rotational motion of the gate operator's motor into the linear motion required to open and close the gate.

  • Gate Operator Operation: Bevel gears play a crucial role in gate operator systems by changing the direction of rotation and transmitting the power from the motor to the gate's drive mechanism.
  • Compatibility: It's vital to confirm that the Doorking Bevel Gear 6006-116 is compatible with your specific gate operator model. These components can differ in size and design, and using the correct bevel gear is essential for the proper operation of the gate.
  • Installation: Bevel gears are typically installed as part of the gate operator's assembly. Proper installation is essential for ensuring the gate operates smoothly and without issues. Gate operator professionals typically handle the installation of bevel gears.
  • Quality and Reliability: Doorking is known for producing high-quality gate operator components, and the Doorking Bevel Gear 6006-116 is expected to meet these quality standards to ensure reliable gate operation.

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